by Martis Unruly

  • Cassette

    The continual war with addiction and the trials of real life have given Martis the chance to define himself with increasing clarity as he reflects on his decisions and learns of the powers we all possess as human beings. Distant is the state in which we find him in, but it has allowed him to learn of himself and grow as an individual. The album represents the emotions we experience in the discovery of our true will and refuses to leave out any of the negativity we inevitably encounter. Straightaway Martis tells of this negativity but gives us the sense he’s learnt how to see through it to gain what he can; “Look into my eyes, I cannot hide the dark abyss/yet I feel so positive”. He isn’t only aware of his darkness, but he embraces it and consistently flexes it in ways that propel his efforts of getting through those moments in the shadows. However, Martis isn’t alone and the diversity of UDF shines ever so brightly on each of the guest verses on the album. ICEDOUTFLAME$, Dizzi Slick, and vocalist/producer Trowa Barton work to further illustrate what the dust funk sound can accomplish, but not without the help of sonic-magus Khrist Koopa and equally capable producers Brobak and Royce Charms. Such forces coming together have given us a complete, cohesive work of art from the vault of the Unity Diversity Freedom cult. Distant tastefully gives a voice to any person who feels as if they’ve grown further from the world around them and closer to discovering their true being by attaining the divine knowledge sought by those aware of it.

    Skulls produced by Khrist Koopa
    Serious produced by Khrist Koopa & Trowa Barton
    Paralysis produced by Royce Charms
    Genuine ft. IcedoutFlame$ produced by Khrist Koopa
    Bag Of Abyss produced by Trowa Barton
    Wolf On My Back produced by Khrist Koopa
    Skeletons produced by Brobak
    Melancholy ft. Trowa Barton produced by Khrist Koopa & Trowa Barton
    World Over ft. Dizzi Slick produced by Royce Charms
    Numb produced by Trowa Barton
    Phoenix produced by Brobak
    Unity produced by Khrist Koopa & Martis Unruly
    Grunge Goon *CASSETTE-ONLY BONUS TRACK* produced by Trowa Barton

    Executive Produced by Chad Bilyeu and Khrist Koopa
    Art Direction & Design by B L A C K M A N S I O N S
    Bio by Nathaniel Delgado

    Bullshit Night Records
    ©2016 Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland

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released July 25, 2016



UNDERWORLD DUST FUNK Seattle, Washington


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