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released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


UNDERWORLD DUST FUNK Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: ALPHA
If a nigga tryna flex he can flex by his goddamn self,
I aint tryna touch base with a nigga,
Catch a case on a nigga that’s that,
Rat tat tat tat,
Ima buck em dead,
Fuck the feds,
Never tread on a nigga only know you gonna catch that cap,
Honest knowledge take em to the dark side,
UDF be the tribe,
Entered realms of promised sucide,
Hit em in the eyes,
With a lie,
Hidden genocide,
You deicide,
Decide in where you want to lie.
The prize of pride,
No immortaliti.
Im so fulla of triple seven, triple six, triple three, alumni varsity,
We go through it,
No matter how hard, a man gotta to do it.
Not your man’s gonna do it,
Not your bitch gonna do it,
Cuz they aint going through it,
So I guess its up to you if you want to go and get it,
Esoteric but you aint with it,
I got a head fulla gas,
If I smash,
Then ima crash,
Then I guess a nigga gon hit it.
Im gone with it,
Well I guess a nigga all in it. Well I guess a nigga all in it.

Murder on my fucking mind, I think about it all the time.
Track Name: RAPTURE
Shut em down,
With the sound
Of a round,
Don’t fuck around.
Stand your ground if you got that heater to your head.
All they found was lead, all they found was lead.
I couldn’t see shit, all I saw was red,
All I smelt was death.
I hit my niggas with that raw shit,
They like aww shit,
Execution double nine style,
Lord made me a monsta.
Lord made me an offer
If I kill them they become martyrs.
Its that six six six,
Slick sick stick,
In your shit.
And I'm aiming for your chakras,
Your pain sounds like mantra.
Bludgeoning while I'm summoning Solomon the King, let him breath,
All his legions let him bring,
Carry out your out your soul to depth to no divinity.

There’s nothing wrong with murder x4

When it come, better run, better duck, before its to late.
Disconnect your thoughts from your neck like El Chapo.
All that gansta talk I don’t really hablo.
Descendants of thee Diablo.
I don’t recommend you follow,
But its hard mother fucker to swallow.
Men are so ignorant, they just ignore it.
It’ll leave your dome bust open and hallow.
Need no backbiting, bitch don’t ask for me,
Entities that blasphemy.
I cast on thee,
Everything unholy
Every gun that's holy.
I bleed for thee,
See and speak for he,
Loving animosity.
Invoke the wittiest serpent, implanting the genuine seed.
Burning bridges, parting the sea.
Don’t look back just follow me.
Frequencies with a little more key,
With a little more meaning, and little more Heem.
I think I touched your ego,
Kill em all and reload.
Me & my brethren agree that you ain't shit, and we know that’s theirs…

There’s nothing wrong with murder x4
When I hit em up,
You ain’t getting up,
You tested my nuts,
Come identify the body,
Never know when ill pull it,
If I pull it,
It’s a bullet,
I’m a bully,
If I couldn’t,
Then I wouldn’t,
Graze your ass, leave a mullet,
Have my work out, have my chin up,
I’ve pushed the weight so I don’t need to flex,
My product moved from Mex to Tex,
I’ve cashed out on the innocent,
Just to get a cent,
And I’ve spent it all there was nothing kept,
And I’ve gave my all there is nothing left,
I’m so nilly to the willy,
Have your sister gut my philly,
I need to hit it,
She down, she with it,
Break me down, I break her off, she a real go getter,
Getting paid just to top, Roza ain’t gon sweat her,

Work is out, no one spotting me.
No one stopping me, I do this properly.
I think they’re onto me, think they’re onto me.
And honestly I feel like they honor me.
Really do, really feel they honor me.

All I talk about is money cause I came for it
Soon as I step up in a place I write my name on it
Soon as you bought that bitch a couch she gave me brain on it
Don't even hand your boy a plate if there ain't cake on it
My niggas is at it again spitting that flame
Go on and add the cocaine
These niggas think 1 in the same
One dab of my strain to your brain'll fuck up your frame
My niggas puffin that real good we call that kill that feel good
They say a dab a day will keep a doc away
No need for no check ups
That bulldog like a megaphone it let you know
My bullets show up everyday but still I gotta let em go
Its 2 Up 2 down these niggas ask I let em know
Teamed with UDF now we known all around the globe

Work is out, no one spotting me.
No one stopping me, I do this properly.
I think they’re onto me, think they’re onto me.
And honestly I feel like they honor me.
Really do, really feel they honor me.

I don’t trust y’all niggas, never trust a bitch neither.
Ex bitch is acting sus, I think its time for me to leave her.
I be blowing on that refer,
So much drugs I’m having seizers.
I be creeping with my creatures,
Boy don’t ask me for no feature.
I don’t follow, I’m a leader.
Bitches swallow by the liter.
I ain’t happy to see her,
That’s a nine miller meter.
I’m heavy in the field while you crying in the bleachers.
You ain’t no kin of mine, why are you lying it to people.
You ain’t bout that life and that’s why we ain’t equal.
Lines of the molly I got dilated pupils.
Time keep on slipping, wanna fly like an eagle,
But Im flier than a flyer that got tied to an eagle.
Hace perico, but its really nothing new.
Everybody know that everything I do illegal.
I wont slide thru in no regal, I don’t even got a whip.
I supply a bunch of people I ain’t never seen a brick.
Never see me snitchin.
Fuck giving out stiches,
Clip extensions,
UDF digging ditches & hitting licks high of thizz.
Crimes I commit sins, I commit time, I commit to the scuadrin.
U die first fucking with gods
& hope you duck fast than the bullet does my nigga.
Bone niggas dodging me, why they dodging me?
Niggas it’s a robbery,
I’m stealing property.
Anybody try stopping me gon probably get she shot,
And he wont live to see him mauled up until his body drop.
I pray I don’t get caught, I think these undercover’s onto me.
My will is to my brothers, and my brothers they gonna honor me.
I know my brothers are gonna honor me.
I know my brothers are gonna honor me.
If you really want to live, do you really need to hide?
I see that you keep it aside,
I hear that you keep it in mind,
Taking an eye for an eye,
Cause the effect when I die,
Signature sigil’s I sign,
I don’t have time to waste time,
I do not come from the sky,
Different dimensions reside,
Wet with the ether and fire,
Grounded on earth, I’m alive,
Thoughts around me are a lie,
People around me become I,
Influence no limit, you sense it, you get it,
Complete my plots depending how I’m feeling.
No loser around me that’s how we all be winning,
We all be sinnin, we all be livin,
My el burn forever like hell,
Higher than heaven I can’t really tell,
Trying to flex this so you can unveil,
I the creator, creating myself,
Tired of waiting for answers, can’t take any chances,
So now I just pray to myself,
Like I’m Allah,
Going against all the odds,
Nothing can stop me I’m God,
This isn’t real, take what I’m learning from here,
I was born just to be killed,
Living in faith,
Never will I die in fear,
Never will I live in hate,
Initiate, demise of ego, is clear,
Suicide beings of fear,
Tend to be slaying my mind,
Habits and thoughts need to die,
Beliefs that cannot reside,
Cleansed to divine,
Pineal glad decalcify,
Spirit and soul justified.
You were a pain in my ass, but also a pain in my heart,
And we grew apart,
Dealing with your bullshit was like dealing with a piece of art,
Didn’t see the bigger picture, didn’t care for your canvas.
Despite of all the pain you always gave me chances,
I appreciate how you taught me who the bigger man is,
And now that I understand I can stand this, idea,
Of being without you causes fear,
Because the truth of the matter I’m not here,
If I close my eyes I can stop seeing all these lies,
My sanity is what I am losing,
When I’m trapped inside the illusion,
All of this chatter causing confusion,
If I quiet down I’m illumined,

I wonder why they call you bitch x2
If I don’t have you, would I exist? Or would I live in bliss?
If I don’t have you, would I miss the stress and what it is to feel?
If I don’t have you, would we reconnect and reincarnate, heal?

I’m a man now,
I promise the best that I can,
Not perfect not saying I am,
Surpassing the thoughts that you’re used to,
I’m different from what you had,
Built calluses on my hands,
I’m taking this final chance,
I’m breaking the cycle that’s turning me psycho,
Been through hell and back,
Like literally, a realm without intimacy,
I’m gripping so hard all the weight weigh nothing to me,
And there ain’t a dammed thing fucking with me,
Low key I know the feeling of an OD,
Search the cabinets and kill it with and OE,
The Lord of darkness and death already know me,
And they want my peace,
When I rest in peace,
I got my mind at ease.

I wonder why they call you bitch x2
If I don’t have you, would I exist? Or would I live in bliss?
If I don’t have you, would I miss the stress and what it is to feel?
If I don’t have you, would we reconnect and reincarnate, heal?
I can trust nobody round me,
I can feel around me,
Who are you? Who are you? No body
I can sense no body

I came with it all,
Came with it all,
Unleash your anguishes,
Embrace an amethyst,
Keep my eye burning slow, yea I keep it lit,
Coming to the dark side, looking infrared,
I see through it all,
Know I’m the law,
Do what I gotta do,
Move when I needa move,
If I need to prove,
Then who do I need to prove?
I’m the eye of the beholder,
Unity soldier,
Share my divine frequencies,
Aware my soul hungry,
I make money,
It ain’t chummy,
She yummy,
Sweet like honey,
I gotta eat,
From the root to the crown when I D.I.E.,
A Santo, better pray on me,
The same ones that hate on thee,
Are the same ones that wait on thee,

I can trust nobody round me,
I can feel around me,
Who are you? Who are you? No body
I can sense no body

Born Allah
I die alone
Praise your idols
Watch the throne
Going ghost
In that camo
like doors on Lambos
Guns like Rambo
Carhart grunge
In that flannel
Tune in
To the last channel
Trusting niggaz
Can get u knocked
A life is lost
Alone n cold
Trust the cross
Cop sum numb
Hit some bumps
Dive in
Let dark be one
Light is gone
Love the sun
Burn the hate
Stack sum funds
In the party
Witchya bitch
In my zone
Alone in bliss
I’m pourin in it
Loathin it
She lovein this
You hate tha kid
Wait to live
I’m dying quick
Gimmie drugs
Gimmie space
Ima catcha case
Can't hold ya weight
Cant hold a k
Coppin kim
Shoppin slim
With my niggas
Split yo wig
Then we dip
Party over
What the fuck you want from me? I swear to you I’ll listen,
If its in your Will for me to kill,
Just guide me when & where & who’s blood to spill,
I’m for your disposal,
Trust in my proposal,
Its all I can offer my loves universal,
I pray in a circle,
Hope you listen to me,
Am I not your offspring?
Can you clear the tears from my eyes,
Tell me why, who am I?
I’m in the dark can you shed your light,
If you don’t, if you wont I’m sure to die,
Premeditated suicide,
A sacrifice for you & I,
Ill take this blade for you & I,
Overdose till I croak just for you & I,
All I hope and need is Kumbayah,
And you’re going to witness this murder,
Not a word, not a whisper from your tongue, never heard of,
Signature signed in cursive on this note from my pad,
How could I ever cherish a gift I’ve never had,
I’ve never had.

And I don’t know what to do, so ill just follow you.
So have mercy on me, please have mercy on me.
And I don’t know what to do, so ill just follow you.

I’ve seen the devil more than I feel you, I accept I’m living a lie,
I’m debating if I need you if I’m constantly studying I,
Who am I?
Digging in my roots,
Gonna seek this truth in the Tree of Life,
Can I shed this light,
If I aim it right would I be alright,
Tripping like psychedelics,
I see it, I hear it, can almost smell it,
I’m constantly speaking about my senses,
Cuz they’re gifts from the heavens that made me present,
So majestic,
Using Magik to cope,
Subliminal’s I invoke,
If I can go, if I can let it all go.
Someway to harness this hope like a antidote,
Keep it straight never unfold,
Keep on my practices I’m under oath,
Air for the blade that I keep in my coat,
Flick of the wrist ritualize it code,
Banish it all,
All the anguishes of man,
All of the deceptions of man,
All of the hate,
I was raised to believe this what I was,
But its not who I am.

And I don’t know what to do, so ill just follow you.
So have mercy on me, please have mercy on me.
And I don’t know what to do, so ill just follow you.
You claim you’re a god, Nah nigga
You’re a fraud and you say that you’re not,
Read a little information on a blog and watch your ego blow up,
Never cast in a circle & watch the Devil show up,
Never silt the throat from a goat to show love, yes love,
Yea that’s love,
Never hesitate to shed the fake,
I bet you fraudulent bitches don’t meditate,
You aint aware of the entities watching ya,
You cant defend of protect your chakra,
I’m in the room feeling bloom, I feel like Rah,
Feeling like Hova when I throw the rock,
I’m through running all of this please get off my jock,
Fuck a huddle, it’s just me, against you all,
Listening to tu-pac,
Me against the world, all eyes on me, hit em up, & if I die tonight,
Its all good baby girl I got no kryptonite,
Just me myself & I
Grip clenched extra tight,
Got the chrome to my dome,
Barrel feeling cold,
Leggo my eggo, as I flex my index on the pistol,
A masterpiece spreading instrumentals,
Find any way to share my brain,
& motha fuckas thinking I’m insane,
But nigga its okay.

Notice how my pray end,
I guess I’m getting little better with my amen,
I’m living just a little better life is changin,
I just shift your consciousness when I came in,
I aint with the fake
Do it for heavens sake,
I need to wake em up,
Even if they procrastinate I wanna get em up,
Everybody sins,
We aint gotta be friends,
But till the end you’re my brethren,
If you’re shedding some light we can get it in,
If your visions like I, then we’re intimate,
I’m synchronized to divine,
Therefore my eye & the rest of five senses feel the signs,
Do what thou wilt, even if I die trying,
Couldn’t hide even if I tried
Living in my mind,
Disguise really who am I,
Its do or die,
Ego suicide.
Yall niggas can’t see me,
So you really don’t know me,
But you still wanna to judge me,
Cuz your bitch wanna fuck me,
& I really can’t control that,
Deep inside you really know that,
You don’t like the competition,
But nigga I wont hold back,
& just know I ain’t frontin or fakin, I’m all in,
& most of these niggas they prey from my fallin,
I don’t really need to flex, just keeping it modest,
When I say I’ve already been this shit to many times,
Just keeping it honest,
Just keeping my focus,
Concentrated not hopeless,
Taking some doses just for my coping,
Got me feeling so amazing,
Seeing matters like a Mason,
I’m a saint the way I’m gracing,
Talking Holy now I’m crazy,
god damn move the mass the way I’m praying,
The things I preach is what I’m pacing,
& only me is who I’m saving.

I’m finna lose my mind x2
These niggas two faced, I’m finna lose my mind
These niggas acting sus, I’m finna lose my mind
I’m finna lose my mind x2

I ain't turn down I'm on drugs nigga still,
Nigga I'm foreal,
Lyin like im finna chill,
I got problems and it show but the shit won't heal,
Poisoning my body wit the pills,
Time will reveal,
What you tried to conceal,
A few kept it real,
When I needed help foreal,
Ain't nobody give a fuck,
Fuck it, ain't no love here,
So i disappear,
Then I fade into beers,
Voices in my ears,
Tell me shit feelin weird,
Niggas in my rear,
But I'm swurivin tryna steer,
Shit ain't how it appear,
Every friend ain't a friend,
The close ones that I fear,
And I don't have no tears,
Nigga I switch gears,
Ain’t tryin love again,
Ain’t nobody sincere,
I was never meant to be here,
I was never meant do this,
What the fuck I am doin,
Every thing feel ruined,
I don't care but you do bitch,
Na dats da truth shit,
Got me feelin so ruthless,
Fucka around leave ya toothless,
I’m a mufuckin mutant,
You niggas mad cuz you human,
Drugs I'm consuming,
Liquor consuming,
Body polluted,
Like what am I doin.